Evans and Peel Detective Agency

Speakeasy Bar or a Detective Agency? Get Your Quirk On at London’s Evans and Peel

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London is a vibrant city buzzing with umpteen night clubs and pubs, no doubt. But what if you had the option of doing something unique this Saturday night?

When the regular club-hopping gets monotonous, think of something quirky. If you like to role-play, Evans and Peel Detective Agency is where you should head to.

No, we’re not hinting at something kinky. Evans and Peel is a trending underground pub at Earls Court, London. It is a theme-based bar with convincing actors posing to be curious detectives.

To reach the Agency, fix an appointment with them by stating  your case (remember to come up with something creative!) From cases like abduction and blackmail to cheating and armed personal protection, they solve it all. Whimsical, isn’t it?


Upon showing up for your appointment at their secret venue, you realize that the place is authentically inconspicuous.  You are asked about your case at the front desk. The interrogation requires you and your friends to answer detective Peel’s questions. The question-answer round ends when you give him enough food for thought, and you finally get to unlock a discreet world of vintage spirits and cigars.

evans and peel bookcase

Escorted by another agent, you walk up to a bookcase that mysteriously opens when he pulls out a dusty book. You are now standing in your speakeasy style bar. This bar has some highly acclaimed cocktails to offer. Order a round of must-have sliders while you peruse through the rest of the menu (written in typewriter font and clipped together to maximize effect). You may even hear your bartender/waitress warn you (as part of their role, of course) about the rules so there is no trouble if the police happen to come by.


Be it for its dramatic 1920’s concept, supportive staff or dynamic cocktail menu, Yelp gives Evans and Peel Detective Agency a generous 4-star rating. Stimulating atmosphere with comforting bar food (try steak sandwiches, buffalo wings and burgers) makes Evans and Peel a memorable experience. These detectives sure know how to entertain their clients!

evans and peel exit

P.s.: If Evans and Peel tickled your fancy, you may also enjoy other speakeasy bars like The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town at Liverpool Street. It is located behind a fridge and allows entry upon request to meet the Mayor! Another option is Jub Jub at Callooh Callay. Located in Shoreditch, this place invites you to walk through a Narnia-style wardrobe to reach the bar!


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